Friday, January 20, 2006

New York City friday 20 january 2006

sooo....made it into the usa. here to do sound for norwegian noiseniks "serena-maneesh". got here a couple of days ago and have been "hanging out". went to the metropolitan museum which was actually a very pleasant affair. although a large museum, it never felt like you were swamped under with exhibits. some museums seem to believe that the more exhibits that you stuff behind glass, the more worthy the museum. not so! I liked the "arms and armor" area, "the temple of Dendur", "musical instruments", "islamic art" and theRobert Rauschenberg special exhibition. A fine place to visit if you are in nyc.
Kim's Video recordstore in St. Marks is a constant source of pleasure. they know how to turn me into a greedy little boy and have the uncanny ability to siphon all the cash out of my wallet. what talented people they are. picked up some goodies yesterday for peanuts and hope to go in again to spend some durteee moneee.
tonights show at north six will be a cracker: great lineup: serena-maneesh, psychic ilss (check out their new album which is heavy rockin' brooklyn boogie) and my good friend jason loewenstein. his 3 piece band are spankingly good with great tunes that slay you at ten paces


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