Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't Whine At Me Argentina

Life on the road may sound like one grand cocktail of glamour, excitement and good times but beyond the bright lights is a world of hard work, long journeys, alot of waiting around, bad food, and little sleep. And if you're really unlucky, you are accompanied by an artsite who is an angry, sour-faced, never satisfied egomaniac, who has seen better times.
Such was this writer's lot recently when he agreed to accompany Juana Molina, an Argentinian singer/songwriter. What began as an ideal work situation - 2 people on the road for 2 weeks, playing shows mostly in the UK, supportive label and promoters to make life just bounce, enthusiastic audiences who paid out hard earned cash to be entertained - turned into a heavyweight contest of mind games and petulant artistic behaviour. I entered the arena as sound engineer, tourmanager and driver, and ended up tagging on new additions to my job description: merchboy, whippingboy, slave.
Too many stories to regale, but I won't waste my energy on the ins and outs of it all right me a Guinness or two next time you see me, keep the home fires burning, and I'll recount all the war stories.
Somebody told me that she used to be a famous comedian in Argentina. Nobody told me that she was the joke.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger Complex Piss said...

That sounds like a total nightmare. I guess there was no other person their to provide some kind of buffer - so you must of felt totally trapped. The way you described the downside of road life, brought back some of those parts that I always like to forget; Waffle House, White Castle, and Burger King.

Shocking news from Boston!(if you haven't already heard) The In Out is breathing - but Andy and boom-twat have left the group, and are adding insult to injury by leaving Todd to pick it up with a few gigs forthcoming. (their first in many many months) Todd has rebounded and will rise above this. Makes me wish I could help him in some way. I have done all I really can in lending moral support to him. He was pretty gutted. He has a few tricks up his sleeve, so he should be fine.

When are you going to be in London again? Missed the Fall this week, Sold Out! Have you seen this new lineup?

At 11:24 PM, Blogger ajay said...

woah! Andy has left the In-Out! That's just not cricket! But it all may be exactly the boost Todd needs to get new blood in the team!
hey, MES changes team players all the time, so why not Todd?
Couldn't make The Fall in London this week as I was the houseman. Missus at work and the the bairn at school.
I'm hoping to catch some shows before the end of the year though........


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