Friday, March 06, 2009

The constant media bombardment over this freaking crisis is getting to be a......crisis! I've asked alot of people about who's been affected by it and not alot of people seem to have an answer for it. 25 years ago the miners in Britain started a year long strike against Thatcher and her henchmen who sought revenge against the unions, for their part in having brought down the Heath government in the 1970s. The miners foresaw in a micro-economic sense the problems we are in now. The advent of Thatcherism / Reaganism /Friedmanite policies ushered in the new era of yuppies, economic self-aggrandisement, greed, petty thieves in the form of bankers and fat city cats, and the era of me, myself and I! The bands then had plenty to shout about, and maybe now, in a 21st century home recording / myspace kinda way, the bands will squeeze out some imaginative rants against the slimeball globalists rather than asking someone to "Take Me Out". I saw bands in the last few weeks that got me excited excited as 25 years ago when music was a weapon against the lawmakers, parents, authority, and you felt that only the bands and their followers knew how you felt. Hats off to Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, Wavves, Gang Gang Dance. I've been writing and recording music the last 2 months where I actually felt I had a purpose and direction in what I was doing. Is this what professional musicians feel? Am I just living a charmed life where I can afford to give over so much time to my music? No...I made that time for myself and have been focused enough to go and work days and nights on my own, or with bandmates to get this shit done. Now I sound like Bono....fuck that. I don't wanna end up like St. Bono saving the world. That guy holds more power and sway than African leaders of state. That isn't right. Now sort the crisis out Bono!


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