Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oslo Wed 25 Jan 2006

its 3.35am. Crisp snow lies on the ground outside. I'm staying at Emil's home from the band "Serena-Maneesh". We returned from the USA yesterday after playing 2 shows in NYC. Returned to Europe with plans to tour Sweden as from today, but were informed that plans had changed now. The band have been asked to open for Oasis in Oslo and Stockholm. I will be cranking the sound for S-M in a hall that holds about 8000 people. We will make that space shudder.

The Bent Moustache have had to cancel 2 shows in Amsterdam in February. Very sad. This is due to my work. BUT, we have rescheduled one of the shows from 16 February to 5 the OCCII. Hopefully we will reschedule teh other one soon too.

Before that show, we play at the Melkweg on 2 February, opening for Arab Strap. That will be a fine show I'm sure. We will have guests appearing and surprises! Be sure to come down and say hello. I'll have copies of the limited edition 7 inch single to sell too. Not many left a request from U.K. distributors today for a whole bunch more. They're shifting fast!

I should mention the band I am currently running the sound board for : "Serena-Maneesh". Think My Bloody Valentine / Spaceman 3 / Can and you are part of the way to experiencing the joys given forth by this band. On record they are a melodic tease, and live they are a sonic juggernaut. catch them if they play near your town. Check out the self-titled last's very good!


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