Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Bent Moustache play pop!

hip-hoppers, pill poppers, snot gobblers, THE BENT MOUSTACHE are revving up for some downright heavy heavy live action in the coming weeks.
This Friday 15 September, we are playing in the Bakkerij in Castricum. Its an excellent lineup of bands too..."Zea" and "Persil"...both bands were beloved of John Peel, and both bands come out of the excellent stall that is the Dutch label "Transformed Dreams" (also check out slimmed-down 2 piece "Suicidal Birds" on the same label.....at last some decent Dutch bands).
The Bakkerij is an old squat venue in Castricum (down by the sea) and is where The Ex played their first ever gig 26 years ago...fact fans.

We'll have special guests playing with us and cowboy shirts will be expected from one and all.


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