Tuesday, November 07, 2006

all's well with Cortney Tidwell : Berlin 7 November 2006

Nashville songstress Cortney Tidwell is about to embark on a short european tour with her band and I am excited! Why? Because she is extremely talented and her music needs to be heard by as many people as possible.
Her backing band is made up of Xavia on cello/vocals, and 3 members of "Hands Off Cuba" (who fill in as Lambchop hired hands on the 'chops current tour)....William, Ryan and Scott. A more affable and open set of people you couldn't hope to meet. Let's see if I say that in 2 weeks time!
I first saw Cortney perform in Nashville last year when she opened for Lou Barlow. I was immediately blown away by her songs, and on returning to Europe, tipped her off to Wyndham Wallace (cub reporter and label hack/boss) who was starting up a new label in Berlin. Wyndham heard the music, fell in love with it and made her the first signing to her label! And now I find myself working for her.
I picked up William, Ryan and Scott on Monday, the day after their appearance with Lambchop in Amsterdam. I've never "understood" Lambchop, and the show didn't convince me. Slow, meandering monologues with no tunes. Where are the tunes Kurt? Git 'r done! We drive from Amsterdam to Berlin in less than 6 hours! Gotta love those autobahns......vroooom!!!
Went to see Cat Power in the evening at the Volksbuhne with the Memphis Band. What a difference having a bunch of old timers has on a will o' the wisp like Chan. They won't take any shit. I have never seen her so engaged in her performance as last night. No fannying around onstage....and in front of the stage!....and no shouting, wailing, sitdowns, or aimless tinkering on the piano. Just a blast through her set and nothing else. What a talent she is! She possesses a great voice and her songs sounded much better live than on record. Looking around at a packed out Volksbuhne, and everyone going crazy, it was hard not to think back on the very FIRST tour she did in europe, that I organised (I put her on a tour with Guv'ner and Butterglory) when she was a mere baby, playing to a handful of people, and showing the first signs of being bonkers! Ah, my eyes are so moist! Wipe away the tears, blow your nose and stop being a wee willy wussy. I met her afterwards, and she was only a quarter bonkers.
Berlin today....Tuesday. The band are rehearsing. I'm off to check out The Brian Jonestown Massacre tonight. More traumas onstage I hope. Tomorrow is Cortney's first show.


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