Monday, September 18, 2006

Some Lovely Buns (In The Oven At The Bakkerij)

Friday night pogo action at the Bakkerij in Castricum. Many thanks to the "medewerkers" there for looking after us, and to "Zea" and "Persil" for being such nice people to hang out with. But a special thanks goes to the public in Castricum who came out to the show with no pretensions and just boogied on down to all the bands. The kids had cycled in from as far away as Limmen and Uitgeest...cultural zero-zones....and pranced about with cardbard boxes on their heads!

2 shows this Nijmegen and Tilburg. Oi Oi.

I got my mittens on a Digi 002 this week, and so recording of the new "The Bent Moustache" record will begin in earnest very very soon.

Clog rock!


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