Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year World!

howdy doody friends! It's been awhile since I wrote last. So much happening.
Firstly, a happy, healthy and musically rewarding 2007 to y'all. It's gonna be a goody, I can just feel it in my toes! Went to see King Khan & BBQ Show the other night...raunch'o'rama a-go-go!The King was dressed as a voodoo guru one time, and a sex-a-bomb in a gold lame dress the next. We Indians can jive with them honkies at the best of times y'all.
You'll get updates of the last tours soon enough, including the hot news that "Sonic Youth" are officially crap! Read on!

But first, in the world of The Bent Moustache, alot has been happening. We played in amsterdam in December at the Subbacultcha night at the Paradiso and blasted through a half hour set. Went down well, good reviews blah blah blah. Aux Raus were excellent. Gabber hardcore.
We have just finished recording our album and start mixing next week!'s sounding alright! We start mixing next week and it will be done and dusted by the end of this month!
Then....."Transformed Dreams" head honcho Marcel has said that he wants to put the darned thang out. An excellent independent Amsterdam label, championed by John peel (gawd rest his soul guv). Date of release in europe is Monday May 7.
And we go to the USA in February for a 6 week tour with "Sebadoh". Have I won the lottery or what?! We will have copies of the album for you lucky Americans very soon.

Pim, guitar hero to curly haired sabre-tooth tigers, will not be coming to the States with us. He has decided to stay at home and fulfil his committments with "De Kift" who will be touring old peoples homes in France for a week in March! His place will be taken by Jer, Scottish tee-totaller who played guitar for "Dawson" and now chooses to age gracefully.

More news to follow. I'm knackered for now......


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