Sunday, March 11, 2007

hello hello, it's good to be back. Saturday 10 March 2007

aye aye aye caramba! It's been awhile since I could even contemplate having the time to scribble down some thoughts and share insights with you into the working life of the band that is "The Bent Moustache". Sooooo much has happened in the last 6-7 weeks, that it's difficult to know where to begin.
I am sitting on the terrace at Lou's house in LA overlooking the city and the Hollywood sign is a smudge as seen through the smog. Another beautiful day in California and the pace of life is most agreeable. Far removed from the rain soaked streets of Krommenie / Amsterdam. It's weird to think that in the time between when I last wrote anything on this medium and now, we have recorded and mixed an album, the label has had it manufactured, and we are in the USA touring through the length and breadth of this land as opening act for "Sebadoh", selling our CDs at the stall, and making friends in each town. And I squeezed in a 3 week tour working for Dan Sartain in Europe.



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