Thursday, March 12, 2009

it's always a weird time when I have to leave for a tour. i usually start getting homesick about 3-4 days before I leave, and the first 2 days of any tour are pretty bad. But this time round.....nothing. Not a pang of misery or a tickle of tumult. I put this down to the fact that I have been home for so long (by choice), that as soon as the bank balance starts shivering, and tour life memory seems so distant, then hitting the road for a few weeks of music, brotherhood and touristic attractions seems rather appealing. This perhaps over-glamourises the life, but hey, on day 1 of the tour I'm feeling positive. Read this page in a week and see how I feel then.
Touring with a band you've never met before is always a lottery. Meeting the band for the first time is a bit like when dogs meet each other on the street / in the sniff each other's proverbial butts to ascertain x-factor of the others....will you get on, are they nice people, do they have a good taste in music, are they veggies/meat-eaters, are they demanding or relaxed, do they have a sense of humour or are they German?
the band I am with are opening for a larger band. This larger band are taking their own catering. Oh joy!!!!


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