Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday 28 February 2006, Stockholm

the shows with Oasis were fun. Although the organisation surrounding the shows was on a much larger scale (6000 people in attendance in Oslo and 8500 in Stockholm), it never felt like it was impersonal. Credit for this must go the the crew accompanying the band who were friendly and helpful throughout. The Gallagher boys, too, were very forthcoming. Exchanging tales about familiar friends and old haunts in Manchester paved the way to their stock of Guinness.

The week also brought out many other emotions. My father was involved in a case which has taken him 6 long and stressful years to bring to court. This week, the case ran its course and ....... he won! Without getting into the technicalities of the matter, it was a long and protracted fight for justice, which he won in the end. To say that i am proud of him is an understatement. The week was filled with trepidation, but on Thursday I heard the outcome and could not contain the joy I felt. Great!

Tonight is the last show with "Serena-Maneesh" in sweden. They have been fine road companions. The shows have gone well (the first show in oslo opening for Oasis earned the band 6 out of 6 in a Norwegian national newspaper). We will cross paths again in a week or so, so no need to shed any tears.

The Bent Moustache will crank up the amps next week....we have 2 shows to play no less! At the Melkweg on Thursday and at the OCCII on Sunday. Come along wouldn't want to miss out on some cracking songs.


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