Friday, March 20, 2009

Dribbly nose

I hate getting sick on tour. I've been really lucky in that respect in that 95% of the time I remain pretty healthy, and other people's sniffles and bugs pass me by. But this time I just knew it was coming...stepping into our minivan, with Jonas from Kissogram cranking the heater to 30 degrees, and me sticking the AC on. It was a climate clash, global warming/cooling showdown, hot hot heat versus ice ice baby. The result was / is that I have left a trail of snotty tissues from Paris to Copenhagen. I have sneaked back early to our abode for the evening , with a view to some r+r. The worst thing about it all is that you have to carry on through thick and thin as there are shows to play for days to come. Another huge drive tomorrow, and my body is flailing. You know when you get a cold and you feel fluish, and your body tells you that you your energy levels have diminished, and that your eyes are gonna explode, and your nose is all red and sore as tissue paper around Europe is made from sandpaper, and your head feels like its attached to a jackhammer, then thats where I'm at right now! Going out in Hamburg last night with Olli, who owns a bar there and plied me with free booze, didn't help either. But hey, when you've gotta bro down, you've gotta bro down!

Touring with Franz Ferdinand is great. Band and crew are as nice as pie, and have made our lives so easy. Maximum respect to them all. I've been on tours where the main act have imposed dB limits, only allowed the support act a certain number of channels on the desk, kept the opening act at arms length from the main band (banning them from dressing rooms, not allowing them to eat or drink from main act's rider / fridge), imposed POW terms and conditions for the duration of the tour. Not fun. So now you're curious as to which bands these could be eh? Ok, I'll let you in on one....just one band. Ever see "Dig" the movie? It wasn't Anton's band, but.......


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Arno said...

Hahaha, I thought the trail of snotty tissues was Jack's domain?


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