Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday 28 February 2006, Stockholm

the shows with Oasis were fun. Although the organisation surrounding the shows was on a much larger scale (6000 people in attendance in Oslo and 8500 in Stockholm), it never felt like it was impersonal. Credit for this must go the the crew accompanying the band who were friendly and helpful throughout. The Gallagher boys, too, were very forthcoming. Exchanging tales about familiar friends and old haunts in Manchester paved the way to their stock of Guinness.

The week also brought out many other emotions. My father was involved in a case which has taken him 6 long and stressful years to bring to court. This week, the case ran its course and ....... he won! Without getting into the technicalities of the matter, it was a long and protracted fight for justice, which he won in the end. To say that i am proud of him is an understatement. The week was filled with trepidation, but on Thursday I heard the outcome and could not contain the joy I felt. Great!

Tonight is the last show with "Serena-Maneesh" in sweden. They have been fine road companions. The shows have gone well (the first show in oslo opening for Oasis earned the band 6 out of 6 in a Norwegian national newspaper). We will cross paths again in a week or so, so no need to shed any tears.

The Bent Moustache will crank up the amps next week....we have 2 shows to play no less! At the Melkweg on Thursday and at the OCCII on Sunday. Come along wouldn't want to miss out on some cracking songs.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oslo Wed 25 Jan 2006

its 3.35am. Crisp snow lies on the ground outside. I'm staying at Emil's home from the band "Serena-Maneesh". We returned from the USA yesterday after playing 2 shows in NYC. Returned to Europe with plans to tour Sweden as from today, but were informed that plans had changed now. The band have been asked to open for Oasis in Oslo and Stockholm. I will be cranking the sound for S-M in a hall that holds about 8000 people. We will make that space shudder.

The Bent Moustache have had to cancel 2 shows in Amsterdam in February. Very sad. This is due to my work. BUT, we have rescheduled one of the shows from 16 February to 5 the OCCII. Hopefully we will reschedule teh other one soon too.

Before that show, we play at the Melkweg on 2 February, opening for Arab Strap. That will be a fine show I'm sure. We will have guests appearing and surprises! Be sure to come down and say hello. I'll have copies of the limited edition 7 inch single to sell too. Not many left a request from U.K. distributors today for a whole bunch more. They're shifting fast!

I should mention the band I am currently running the sound board for : "Serena-Maneesh". Think My Bloody Valentine / Spaceman 3 / Can and you are part of the way to experiencing the joys given forth by this band. On record they are a melodic tease, and live they are a sonic juggernaut. catch them if they play near your town. Check out the self-titled last's very good!

Friday, January 20, 2006

New York City friday 20 january 2006

sooo....made it into the usa. here to do sound for norwegian noiseniks "serena-maneesh". got here a couple of days ago and have been "hanging out". went to the metropolitan museum which was actually a very pleasant affair. although a large museum, it never felt like you were swamped under with exhibits. some museums seem to believe that the more exhibits that you stuff behind glass, the more worthy the museum. not so! I liked the "arms and armor" area, "the temple of Dendur", "musical instruments", "islamic art" and theRobert Rauschenberg special exhibition. A fine place to visit if you are in nyc.
Kim's Video recordstore in St. Marks is a constant source of pleasure. they know how to turn me into a greedy little boy and have the uncanny ability to siphon all the cash out of my wallet. what talented people they are. picked up some goodies yesterday for peanuts and hope to go in again to spend some durteee moneee.
tonights show at north six will be a cracker: great lineup: serena-maneesh, psychic ilss (check out their new album which is heavy rockin' brooklyn boogie) and my good friend jason loewenstein. his 3 piece band are spankingly good with great tunes that slay you at ten paces

New York City Friday 20 January 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006

the day after....sunday 15 january 2006

ouch! head hurting today! a small price to pay for a fantastic evening at De Groote Weiver! TBM played a wonderful show....everything felt good about it : the songs, how we played together as a band, the guests who came onstage to join us on various numbers. And the reaction we got was beautiful: very warm and personal. Alot of friends in attendance and many singles sold on our presentation night. Thankyou to all involved for a memorable evening.
Onwards TBM!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

greetings from krommenie saturday 14 january 2006

well well well!!! welcome friends. here's my first ever missive on this website thingy we have setup (or rather our good friend Hedwig in Groningen setup).

i have 20 minutes before i have to leave the house. THE BENT MOUSTACHE play their first show of 2006 tonight and their first show with the following lineup: Ajay, Pim and Wilf. Interestingly enough, this is the first show we have done together since the summer of 2005 in New Orelans...which turned out to be Donkey's last ever show. Seeing as The Bent Moustache is actually Donkey in disguise, we have had to wait a long time to play again.

BUT, we are ready and are really looking forward to whatever 2006 may bring. Our new 7 inch single is released on Monday 16 January (VINYL folks VINYL!!!) and tonight is a celebration of that fact. We play at De Groote Weiver in Krommenie, a cultural oasis in these parts but with not many months left to exist - the local council are once again blind to the service offered to young and old alike in the community and have seen to it that any form of cultural enterprise in this area be stamped out!

We will have several guests onstage with us during the course of the evening and many friends in attandance. I will try and post some photos of the evening next time round..

sorry for this staggered post, but it will get more exciting once i become the master of the blog!!!