Friday, February 10, 2006

Jocky on the OCCii

after the Melkweg, we played in the OCCII (Binnenpret) in Amsterdam 3 days later. 2 chalk and cheese. The glitz of the famous Melkweg aligned with the scuzziness of that pop temple the OCCII:
I really really like the OCCII! There I said it.
Glitz and glam do not make a venue. The OCCII has a heart and soul which I appreciate. Everybody who works there does it for love and not money. Sjoerd, who ran the club for the night and did sound as well, was there from start till end. Aad, who cooked put alot of love into the collective meal that we ate, although a bag of salt should be bought to put in the OCCI kitchen!
500 people attended the Melkweg show and about 20-30 people were at the OCCII show. But it didn't matter. We played a very good show...tighter and yet more free than the Melkweg...and the public really responded. It was great to have people so close to the stage, and I was happy we were not 6 feet above the audience, but at eye level.
The Croatian band that played after us had to leave after the show and drive back to Croatia...non-stop!!! 1700 kms!!! Holy moly! Lets hope they made it back safe and sound! Poonk fuckin' rok!

Its been an interesting experience playing these shows one shortly after the other. There is a confidence within the band that we are onto a good thing. We are planning to record again very soon, and will hopefully have another single out in a couple of months time. Meanwhile, we are also planning to organise a mini tour in the first 2 weeks of May. Oh lord, now I REALLY have to start working on this band thang for real!

Peace out


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