Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed, Mesele Asmamaw, Asnake Gebreyes - Ethiopian musical genius

I went to Haarlem (Holland) last Saturday 25 March to see Jimmy, Mesele and Asnake play in a jazz club. This trio make music that would make the gods shake their thang. Jimmy's haunting voice is a revelation carrying forward the songs in a triumphant and joyful manner. Mesele and Asnake brew the tunes that swing and swagger like kings. The 3 boys are special......they are funny, sharp as pins, and cracking company. And their music and performance should be heard and seen by one and all.

Getachew Mekuria....Ethiopia's top sax champ....will be performing with The Ex soon, as will Jimmy and the lads. People.......go and see this wonderful show!!!!


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