Friday, February 24, 2006

Oi! Oi! It's DinOI!saur Jr. time again

sooooo.....start of a season of adventures which will take me to the start of the World Cup. Its time to man the sound board for veterans of punk disorder : Dinosaur Jr. I left home at 5 am and flew to Los Angeles via London. Tomorrow morning I fly onwards to Japan with Lou. Hats off to the management and travel company team who came up this genius bit of travel planning! Those airline companies really do take the piss. You end up in cramped seats, herded in like sheep (or add in your favourite farm animal instead of sheep), fed microwaved E numbers and carbohydrates in your trough, have to pay for any alcohol, and get scowled at if you decide to walk down the aisles to stretch your legs during the course of a 12 hour flight! Not to mention the fact that they charge exorbitant prices for their tickets.
But enough of that blubbing. I'm here at Lou's house in LA with his wonderful family....Kath and Hannelore (his daughter who is 1 year old).

I'm going to see "Mice Parade" at the Echo Lounge tonight. For those who haven't heard "Mice Parade" before, you should check them out. Adam Pierce is the man behind the music and he has conjured up some magical albums over the course of years. (They are on Fat Cat in Europe and Bubblecore in the USA). An amalgamation of shoegazing, dub, tropicalia, freejazzimpro styles, they remain a rich source of surprises.
I'm taking 30 singles of The Bent Moustache to sell in Japan, Australia and New Zealand after each Dino show. Corporate reports will be posted to inform you all as to how these markets are responding to our continued push in these unchartered territories.
Peace out


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