Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Osaka Wed 1 March 2006

"one person writes and the whole world reads"....quote from a futurologist on the BBC this morning about advancing technology. Hub cap thefts have fallen 70% in Las Vegas due to increased camera surveillance in that crummy why can't we have more cameras everywhere in the USA asks CNN?! Good grief!

I refer to these 2 cases as its really strange how, through advancing steps in technology, the world has become so much smaller and the eyes of the world seem to be upon individuals all the time. Civil liberties are eroded and personal expression suppressed.

I've had differing thoughts about this blog thang in the last few days. Its kinda strange that I can post tales affecting my life from different parts of the world and anyone can read this. For whom am I writing this for? What is the purpose of these tales? Do I really want people to know what is going on / do people really care? No no no...this is not emo-blog-griping! Its just strange that I can fart in the morning and the world knows about it by teatime.

2nd Dino show in Tokyo much tighter...Murph wore decent shorts and not the G-string from first night...Lou had his shit down... J kept fret noodling to decent lengths.

Food in Japan amazing...albacore in delicious parmesan sauce, giant prawns sauted with sweet chilli sauce, steamed veg with crisp bite. Visited "Kiddyland" toystore in Tokyo...what a place....5 floors of goodies...Jap kids sure get treated to weirdest shit ever...monsters and furry blobs live side by side with techy toys.

Go to the musicpage of
and watch the Kiddyland-toystore-drummers play

Wrote a votive / prayer and hung it at holy tree in temple in Tokyo...surveyed other votives/prayers/wishes and came across "Death To All My Enemies" scrawled on one!

Dino fans sprinkled band with presents at show and found their way to hotel where they got their autographs and do they get all this info like which hotel bands stay at or what flight they arrive on? Ran every morning very early through Yoyogi park and saw Tokyo bums waking up in the freezing cold from under their blankets...ravens everywhere giving sinister vibe to park...tai-chi groups stretching in slow motion...grandads jogging at 2kms an hour, but it was so cool to see them doing it...trees in Yoyogi park wrapped up in special blankets by tree doctors. Took bullet train to Osaka...270kms an hour...smoother than a baby's bottom...ate sushi and drank green tree and didnt drop a bit...past Mount Fuji which was feeling peeky in a haze of cloud...arrived in Osaka and met by Dino fans armed with Cds to be signed and telephoto lens to take pictures of J's nose. Will meet "Mice Parade" tonight as they also play in Osaka...they were excellent at Echo Lounge in LA a few nights ago...Kristin-Anna from "Mum" sings with "Mice Parade" and Gunni from "Mum" is opening act (solo careering / free holidaying). I love Japan.


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