Monday, February 20, 2006

Evan Parker + Mischa Mengleberg : Bimhuis 18 Feb 2006

2 sets. Each lasted about 35 mins each. Each set played without a pause or gap or dropouts. 2 players completely in control of their respective instruments. Both played wonderfully off each others free compositions. It was great to hear Mischa playing solidly for 35 minutes at a time. The last few times I've seen the old fart, he's been happy to mischievously tinkle the ivories for a couple of minutes, drink his coffee, and then sit back and observe the world around him like an elder stateman. Evan Parker is quite simply fantastic. I can listen to him play all night. What he manages to achieve from his playing is always inspiring, pushing barriers forwards.
These guys are punk rock! Like so many of them who have been doing this for years with not a hint of fame related gains in their minds, they have been pushing the boundaries of free music just like the punk rockers did in the scuzzy world of rock and pop in 1976.
I used to own a copy of "The Topography Of The Lungs" featuring Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, and Evan Parker. Brilliant record. Some git stole it!


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