Saturday, April 01, 2006

Houston Friday 31 March 2006

we arrived into another shitstorm that the douchebag of a president of this land had created. They are now concerned about illegal immigration into the States especially by Mexicans. Dumbass "broadcasters" (shouldn't that be hatemongers?) like Lou Dobbs (from CNN.....Complete Nazi News) and Rush Limbaugh are advocates of building a wall between Mexico and the USA and throwing out all illegal immigrants regardless of case history and dubbing them all as criminals. They are concerned, amongst other things, that the immigrants are taking jobs from US citizens. Very rich this! Its precisely the jobs that nobody else wants to do that the immigrants are doing. Anyway, with Texas being so close to Mexico, it has, unsurprisingly, many Mexicans amongst its population. (Lets not forget that Texas is stolen land). In Dallas, Austin and Houston, students have been going on strike at schools, and taking to the streets to protest against the proposed Republican moves to curb immigration. Fantastic and inspiring. There is hope for the future. Also, not only is it now a felony to be caught as an illegal, but if any employer or person is trapped and seen to have helped these illegal immigrants, then they too are seen as committing a felony! Good ol' W....making friends all over the world.
Played at a great venue in Austin....Stubbs BBQ. Its actually outside, and so it feels like you are playing in somebodys backyard for 1300 people. This town never seems to sleep and there are bars and bands everywhere. There is a bridge in the middle of town, under which live thousands of bats. Everyday at sunset, these bats start flying out in their droves down to Mexico and return the next day. Quite a sight! No walls are going to keep them out of the land.


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