Saturday, April 22, 2006

Los Angeles Saturday 22 April 2006

"TV Party" this afternoon. We are at the recording studio of some ex-stone temple helmet to play 2 songs for the Henry Rollins TV Show! Bored! Could have had a nice day in Hollywood, instead of in the dark confines of a warehouse. Hank is excited though....he especially flew back from New York this morning to meet his favourite band.

Eugene, Oregon.....friends, that is a weird town, filled with weird people. Crack addicts mingled freely outside the venue with the punks and deadheads. Inside, it felt like a meeting of the local youth club with the Betty Ford Clinic. Kids pogoed at the front, and the Vietnam Vet acid heads did their weird 1960s trippy, zoned out cosmic shakes. The town is kinda detached from civilisation....not near enough Portland or Seattle to pick up their cool vibe; just stuck in that weird Pacific Northwest belt.....a perfect place for cool bands to come out of. Think "The Thrones" from Olympia, "Nirvana" from washington, "The Melvins" etc etc. Dino easily played the worst set of the tour....Patrick was a wee bit sauced. Top entertainment for those watching though. The end of the tour is nigh.

San Francisco...2 nights at the American Music hall. Lovely....get to sleep in a bed in a hotel! And not on the bus! The Phoenix Hotel is where the Sex Pistols stayed after their last ever show....ever get the feeling you been cheated...and all that. "Comets On Fire" are openers and they are fantastic. Cycled through San Francisco, and hit Haight-Ashbury where I ended up at Amoeba records!!!! Oh dear! 2 hours later, and the wallet feels a wee bit empty.

Los Angeles....2 nights at the Troubador. Rock central. Totally sold out. The stars were out last night....apparently. I only recognized the drummer from The Shite Wipes (...White Stripes). I couldn't tell a top actor from the valet at the car park. Some hoary old rocker introduced the band last night.....he just rambled on and on. Who the hell was he? Get off ya old fart! Met many old friends....I love the fact I get the chance to meet up with them by travelling to their neck of the woods. Tonight is the last show. Tomorrow home. I can't wait.

I must make special mention of the football team I coach when I am at home....Saenden C1.They won their last game of the season today and became champions for the first time. I am so pissed off I missed out on the celebrations today. But Yoke and Arun were present for me and Arun handed them the cup and flowers. Well done boys....I am so proud of you! (


At 1:23 AM, Blogger Complex Piss said...

The "White shites" is what I like to call em. My god do you ever get around or what? You are the true "road king" ajay..

Missed 4 great fall gigs in croydon, it just got better and better as the week went forward.

hope your "allwight" and probably won't see you in London this trip.
Hope to see you guys in London sometime soon..


(its Matty H btw)

At 9:57 AM, Blogger ajay said...

alrighty matty son. was very unhappy to have missed group fall's performances in london. heard very good things about them. and now the band has imploded again on u.s. trip and he's got some bloody yanks in to fill in. now i wish i was there to witness those shows....

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Complex Piss said...

"Oh dear".. I have not been keeping up on the "unofficial" website, but I just read about the carnage. Pouring a glass of beer and dumping an ash tray on your driver is not going to get you very far is it? What is it about touring America,
that seems to always do this to them? (him)
And the morals of this story are:

"You dont have to be an american" - to be a cunt..

"if you cant beat em " (when they attack you onstage) - then hire them.


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