Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

The Free State of Bayern's finest trailed our van as soon we hit Bayern on our drive down from Berlin to Munchen, and pulled us over into a parking place on the autobahn. We found ourselves in a police theme park with many cars / vans / trucks that had been pulled over, and plenty of green police gnomes scuttling around looking busy and mean.

Our steering wheel had a cloth swab wiped over it, and within 30 seconds were informed that there were traces of cocaine on it and that we should all get out of the van! The policeman who made this claim did not show us the evidence to backup this claim, and instead stood there watching our reaction to this. We remained incredulous to this piece of information. We had just taken charge of this van the day before, and nobody in our party had partaken in chasing the white train. It was purely scare tactics on the part of the police, and we did not fall for the bait. We were escorted through the rain to a tent where we all had to empty our pockets and get frisked. One of our group was verbally harrassed for 5 minutes by one policeman, and then said policeman decided to look in his pants to see if he was hiding any illicit goods! All our equipment was taken out into the rain and sniffer dogs passed through the van.

Nothing found, and just alot of resentment created. Welcome to the deep south.


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